Women's Rights

MPV’s Stance on Women’s Rights

We affirm that:

  • Assaults on women and young girls, especially domestic violence, acid attacks,  honor killings, FGM and forced marriage that have become a growing problem in some Muslim countries, are barbaric, inhumane and completely contrary to Islamic teachings.
  • Islam never condones humiliation, beatings, mutilation, or outright murder, especially not as a means to exert one’s own authority, or to enforce one’s own opinions upon other people. Rather Islam teaches us to approach differences in opinion with tolerance and forbearance, saying even to the clear disbeliever, “To you your way, and to me mine” (109:6) and “There shall be no compulsion in religion” (2:229).

Only when women and girls can live with dignity, in safety, not fearing bodily harm from family members, and with freedom of conscience as the Qur’an demands, can a country rightfully call itself “Islamic.”

Read the full statement in English here

Read the full statement in Arabic here – بيان حقوق المرأة


MPV joins lawsuit for Women's reproductive rights

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Dr Saleem Ahmad's incisive paper on the evolution of the veil in Muslim society. 


Ijtihad: Feminism and Reform

For the first time, the opinions of nine progressive Muslims are compiled into a documentary.

These Muslims express their belief in tolerance, the separation of church and state, freedom of expression, human rights, social justice for LGBT citizens and total gender equality.


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Imam Yahya Hendi on women's rights and gender equality.


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FGM and Early and Forced Marriage Resources

  • Islamic Supreme Council of Canada issues a comprehensive fatwa against child marriage. 
  • Sauti Yetu -  A multi-issue US community-based organization that works with African immigrant women and families on issues such as female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C), early and forced marriages, education and gender. 
  • Unchained - The only nonprofit in the US dedicated to helping women leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages and rebuild their lives