A pledge to eradicate hATE in OUR communitIES

The pledge is to get lay people and religious leaders and institutions to sign on to the pledge.

In light of the slew of hate crimes based on religion, sexual identity, and race, Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) is calling upon ALL people to become proactive advocates within their communities to dispel all forms of discrimination and hate.

It is our collective duty to end the use of ideology as a tool for hatred, violence, and discrimination against all people. Thus, MPV invites you to pledge #NoHateInMyFaith by affirming the following:

“I pledge to refute and combat discrimination against any individual or community, including the LGBTQ+ community, women, Jews, Shi’a, Sunni, and Ahmadiyya Muslims, Baha’i, non-Muslims, atheists or any “other,” no matter who that other is. I pledge to eradicate all divisive, homophobic, and/or misogynistic teachings in my community and in religious institutions I am affiliated with, and will affirm the dignity of all individuals.”

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