#ImamsForShe expanded to Malaysia in 2017, with the work of MPV’s sister organization Komuniti Muslim Universal (KMU), taking on the name #UlamaBersamaWanita. #UlamaBersamaWanita mainly works through educational campaigns using infographics and other media.


Convening on Marital Rape

In 2018, #UlumaBersamaWanita convened scholars of Islam and religious leaders from Indonesia and Malaysia to discuss the issue of marital rape. The outcome of the convening resulted in a position statement against marital rape published by KMU. The statement included infographics and language tools to counteract misogynistic narratives.The booklet was specifically designed to empower community leaders, women, and youth. You can access the booklet here.

This program was funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


InfoGraphic Campaign

In its first year of operation, #UlamaBersama Wanita focused heavily on the dissemination of infographics and informational booklets. In total, these educational materials reached 10 million people!