Since launching the #ImamsForShe initiative in March 2015, we have hosted 3 public events in New York and a private consultation in Geneva.

#ImamsforShe Launch Event

March 11, 2015

Launch Event of #ImamsForShe

Audience Remarks

Q&A Session

#ImamsForShe Peace Forum Event

October 30, 2015

Opening Remarks by Dr. Azza Karam

Presentation by UNFPA's Hind Jalal

Presentation by filmmaker Rosa Rogers

Presentation by MPV's Ani Zonneveld

Q&A Session

Audience Remarks

#ImamsForShe panel at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, June 14th, 2016: Imam Khalfan (Burundi), Dr. & Imam Usama Hasan, Dr. Mongia Suwaihi, opening remarks by Dutch Ambassador Roderick, closing remarks by Dr. Khadija Moalla and moderated by Ani Zonneveld.

Geneva #ImamsForShe Q&A :

Imam Khalfan Bukuru speaking about his activities in promoting women and girls' rights in Burundi.