MPV - Atlanta

Be Yourself. Be Muslim.


About MPV-Atlanta

We are the Atlanta chapter for Muslims for Progressive Values, dedicated to advocating for human rights, social justice and inclusion in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeast.


MPV-Atlanta Iftar

Who We Are

MPV-Atlanta is an all-volunteer community led by our board - Kelly Wentworth, Trina Jackson, Sonali Sadequee, and Kelly Limes-Taylor Henderson. The board serves the community to help create programs, manage social media, promote membership, and organize fundraising efforts.

Our community is made up of a diverse group of people who would love to have you as a part of it. You can join our Meetup group or join us on Facebook to see our latest activities.

Eid Party

Ongoing Activities

  • Fridays - Jumah - 1:30-3pm - Phillip Rush Center

  • Sundays - Communal Prayer - 10:30am - Phillip Rush Center
    Dhikr - 4pm - Midtown Atlanta

  • 3rd Tuesday - “Heretics” Dinner - 7pm - Marietta

2019 Quarterly Focuses

  • Jan/Feb/Mar - Racial Justice, Domestic Violence Awareness, Gender Equality

  • Apr/May/June - Ramadan, Intrafaith

  • Jul/Aug/Sept - Mental Health, Music

  • Oct/Nov/Dec - Pride, Interfaith

Upcoming Planned events

  • Dec 2018 - Interfaith Holiday Party

  • Q1 - Film Screening

  • April 2019 - Intrafaith Panel

  • Ramadan 2019 - Iftars, Ramadan Retreat, Eid Celebration

  • Q3 - Interfaith Mental Health Panel, Eid Celebration, Recreational Day

  • Q4 - Pride Parade, Pride Jumah, Celebration of Life Dinner, Interfaith Holiday Party

Interested in volunteering to help organize?

Contract Ceremony

Services Offered

  • Wedding Services - Marriage Contract (Nikah) and Ceremonies

  • Funeral Services - Funeral Prayers (Janazah); Memorial Services

  • Personal Service Network - Have a need? We can help connect you!